French Tech building

French Tech colors cover Montpellier’s former City Hall, just a few steps from the Saint Roch train station and Montpellier’s central Place de la Comédie.

A welcoming place for innovative companies

The Montpellier French Tech Building is both an information space and a site dedicated to promoting innovation and its applications for professionals and the general public.
Companies are hosted on the building’s four upper floors. The ground floor is designed for meetings, collaborative working, and French Tech activities. It is a place for exchanging ideas, comparing experience, presenting products and applications, and establishing partnerships. Adorned with the French Tech symbol, a large pink rooster, the building enhances the network of tools already deployed around the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole territory to favor innovation and company creation, namely: startup incubators Cap Alpha, Cap Omega, and MIBI.
L'Hôtel French Tech Montpellier

French Tech building

Opening hours: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, non-stop

1, place Francis Ponge

34 000 Montpellier

+33 4 67 13 49 60



3,700 m²

surface area


companies hosted

Designed for openness, the building fulfills multiple roles

A welcoming place

An interface for innovation, the French Tech Building welcomes companies and project leaders seeking information. It helps direct people towards the services and organizations likely to be able to meet their needs. This space is also designed as a place for startups hosted at the French Tech Building to share and exchange ideas.

“The French Tech building is a real growth accelerator. Our company has occupied a 120 m² space there since 2016. This building offers major benefits, including its proximity to downtown, a renewable one-year lease – which is reassuring for a young startup with medium-term recruitment goals – and a fair market price. We also benefit from an available co-working room to hold workshops and investor meetings.”

Philippe Rossi, founder of Nelis
Company specialized in team contact management and B2B network mapping

A space for activities

In the evening, the French Tech space is open for a wide variety of events, such as product and application demonstrations, conferences, meetings, challenges, and more. Their common theme: innovation!

“The French Tech space received about fifty people for the “Women in Games France” event held in November 2017. The Paris event’s introduction was retransmitted live, then four speakers took the stage to present their career paths and professions in the video game sector. Discussion continued afterwards during a networking session.”

Caroline Imbert, secretary of Push Start
Association uniting video game creators in the Montpellier area

A relay for innovation stakeholders

Major digital schools...
...including Up To, one of three programs certified in Montpellier at this time, providing training for various digital professions and focusing on specific learning environments.
Entrepreneurs, competitiveness clusters, hubs, schools, universities, and research centers that can benefit from this space to organize events and gatherings that favor knowledge distribution.
These students (and future entrepreneurs) are assisted by PEPITE-LR (supported by COMUE LR Universities), which benefits from co-working space at the French Tech building.

Montpellier French Tech Halle

Starting in 2019, the “French Tech Halle”, an 8,000 m² space with the potential to expand to 12,000 m², serving as the emblematic and unifying feature of the new Cambacérès district, will be located across from the new Montpellier Sud de France train station.
The facility will be a melting pot for innovation in the heart of a business park filled with startups, small- and medium-sized companies, and major groups. By offering adapted and attractively priced rental opportunities, this space will encourage innovation, reinforce territorial attractiveness for creative businesses, and stimulate visibility and outreach for the local ecosystem. It will energize this strategic district located in the center of a business park combining businesses and schools.