French Tech Pass

French Tech Pass: a mark of excellence identifying the top growth champions.

French Tech Pass: a premium service for premium companies

French Tech Pass is a French nationwide program whose goal is to boost high-potential companies undergoing hyper-growth by enabling them to have priority, expedited, and exclusive access to premium services from major players involved in supporting ecosystem’s economic development.
Montpellier is the #1 metropolis in terms of the number of French Tech Pass awards, after Paris. Over 250 labels have been awarded nationally since 2015, 38 of which are for companies in the Montpellier area. These fast-growing companies are the seedlings of future business champions. Their sales revenue grows by an average of 134% annually and they generate 44% of their sales internationally.
Sylvie Reitz, Chargée de mission développement des entreprises

Sylvie Reitz

Mission manager for company development

An excellence offering

French Tech Pass: a mark of excellence identifying the top growth champions. The program:
# Increases your exposure in France and internationally
# Gives you the benefit of services by major public-sector players assisting development, without having to apply
# Offers an easy way for you to handle all administrative tasks, with just one straightforward file to complete
# Helps you elaborate custom road maps assisted by the main business support organizations
# Identifies your company as one that is undergoing hyper-growth and invites you into a community of champion entrepreneurs

French Tech Pass selection criteria

Double-digit growth and high profitability are both factors for French Tech Pass selection.
To apply, your company must demonstrate:
  • At least three years in activity
  • Sales revenue between 100 K€ and 50 M€ (or 20 M€ in funds raised)
  • Hyper-growth potential (confirm your eligibility with our advisor)
  • A business model with very high potential

A fast, easy, and transparent procedure

Un accompagnement à chaque étape de votre projet. @creative commons
Phase 1
We work together on a single dossier:
  • Dossier is downloadable online (once you submit your candidacy)
  • Individual interview to finalize your dossier
Échangez avec le comité d'experts
Phase 2
You get to pitch your proposal before a panel of experts (French Tech Pass partners), including financiers, investors, professional experts, and entrepreneurs.
Montpellier works with you throughout your project.
Montpellier vous accompagne tout au long de votre projet. @creative commons
Phase 3
  • You are awarded the French Tech Pass
  • If you are not eligible, you may benefit from the SME Growth Pass to further develop your approach (text in FR).

French Tech Montpellier laureates

Logos des entreprises du Pass French Tech Montpellier

Program partners

Laureates immediately benefit from national recognition, promotion for their company, as well as team coaching reinforced by program partners.
  • National partners: French Tech, Bpifrance, Business France, INPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property), Directorate General for Enterprises (DGE)
  • National support: AFPC (French Association of Competitiveness Clusters), AFIC (French Association of Investors for Growth, and UGAP (Union for Public Procurement Groups) as an associate member
  • Key local players: Région Occitanie, CCI, Caisse des Dépôts, Dirrecte,
  • Financiers: Comité Régional des Banques
  • Regional funds: IrdiSoridec, Sofilaro, Wiseed
  • Business Angels (Melies) and sector experts

Companies that benefited from French Tech Pass

“Montpellier Métropole rolls out the red carpet for innovative companies”
“We were awarded the French Tech Pass in 2015. This certification accelerated our exchanges with institutional and financial parties, such as Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and Bpifrance. It gave us credibility as a company experiencing hyper-growth and enabled us to maintain our development pace.”

Sam Assadian, CEO of Isotropix
High-end graphics software

“The French Tech Pass was a nice surprise, notably giving us international media exposure”
“The French Tech Pass was a nice surprise, notably giving us international media exposure. Since then, Pramex, Banque Populaire du Sud, and Bpifrance have been helping us prepare to expand to the USA in 2018. Our goal is to launch sales in 2019.”

Xavier Facélina, CEO of Seclab
Cyber security solutions for critical infrastructure

“A facilitator for exchange”
“Tabmo took a technological turn in late 2014 by creating its own platform. Now, we have a total of 90 employees, 33 of whom are in Montpellier, as well as strong presence in Europe and the United States. Earning a French Tech Pass in 2016 reinforced our notoriety and made it easier for us to discuss with Bpifrance.”

Loïc Talon, technology director at Tabmo
Real-time auction platform for purchasing web and mobile advertising space