#FinTech: the future of payment

An active territory for finance

Financial technology, also referred to as “FinTech”, is a new financial industry that uses technology to rethink financial and banking services.
Montpellier Métropole positioned itself early as an active player in the financial sector, with many local startups specializing in payment methods, crowdfunding, loan financing, merchant banking, and insurance.

Matchupbox testimonial

“The #Fintech label is a reference regarding technological innovation. It attracts the engineers we hire, reassures our customers – typically banks – in terms of research and innovation, and it also unites the cybersecurity and e-health sectors. We are in the process of establishing a business accelerator focusing on digital trust and blockchain technology that will further bring together businesses and institutional players in the Montpellier area.”

Didier Collin de Casaubon, CEO of MatchUpBox
MatchUpBox develops Pikcio, an application that protects personal data on the Internet using blockchain technology. The company’s solutions provide secure exchange and interaction (such as chat messaging, e-mail, audio, video, files) between professionals and their users, including both employees and customers.