#IOT, #Manufacturing: The connected object revolution

Montpellier expertise in the field of connected objects

The Internet of Things (IoT) can transform every sector in our world.
The Montpellier territory leverages the expertise of higher education establishments (Epitech and Polytech), as well as renowned laboratories (LIRMM and IES), which have led to the emergence of rising young stars such as AwoX or Oceasoft.

Awox testimonial

“Montpellier is indeed present when it comes to connected objects today, just like PCs and smartphones yesterday. AwoX participates actively in the IoT community, which has enabled us to have an influence on markets and create a driving effect.”

Alain Molinié, CEO of AwoX
AwoX, a pure player in technologies and connected objects for the Smart Home, has been assisted by Montpellier BIC since the company was founded in 2003.