#Security: digital security challenges

A critical issue

With the growing phenomenon of connected objects, security, data protection, and data exchange has become critical issue.
In 2003, Montpellier created CLUSIR-LR (Languedoc-Roussillon Regional Information Security Club). Since that time, local momentum has continued to grow, boosted by dedicated laboratories and innovative startups.
A member of the French Tech Montpellier community, the MESO@LR platform is open to companies and academic, public, and private stakeholders. It offers shared resources and state-of-the-art architectures for high-performance computing and massive data processing.

Seclab testimonial

“With about a dozen companies, Montpellier benefits from a critical mass of cyber-security solution providers, mainly technology software developers. Our shared goal is to create momentum based on teamwork by joining skills and resources to create complementary offerings that make sense.”

Xavier Facélina, CEO of Seclab
Specialist in defensive security