#Sports: Montpellier on the podium

Montpellier's taste for sports

Ranked by l’Equipe magazine as the 2nd leading area in France for sports, Montpellier enjoys the presence of top division teams, including Montpellier Handball, Montpellier Rugby Club, and Montpellier HSC soccer club. The territory also hosts international events, such as the International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE), together with recognized training programs in the sports field, and a research center focusing on human movement. An environment that attracts key industry companies (Asics, F-One...) as well as recently created young startups on the road to success.
This includes some of the hottest startups in France, such as Montpellier’s Athlete-Avenue, a startup that specializes in helping athletes with their career transition. Athlete-Avenue is one of eight French startups selected to support Paris’ bid to host the Olympic Games.

Vogo Sport testimonial

“Montpellier is a city filled with sports. After two years of R&D, we were able to test our product under real-world conditions thanks to support from Montpellier Métropole, which allowed us to set up our technology on sports equipment for the handball, rugby, ice hockey, and water polo teams. Vogo Sport helped create the Sport Tech network in Montpellier, enabling us to bring innovation issues to the local, national, and even international stage. Vogo gave a pitch to support Paris’ candidacy for the 2024 Olympic Games before the International Olympic Committee and presented French innovation in sports.”

Christophe Carniel, founder of Vogo Sport
Founded in 2013, Vogo develops digital technology that enables spectators at sports events to replay sequences and actions on their multimedia terminals (smartphones and tablets) based on video images taken by media companies covering the event.